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The Viking Settlement, Harvest Food Festival 2011

The fine weather held on Sunday 11th September and contributed wonderfully to the enjoyment of all who ventured into the Viking Settlement on Bailey’s New Street. Created by Fadó, The Story of Waterford, the settlement was a veritable hive of activity where passers- by witnessed and were encouraged to participate in every day Viking life. With an emphasis on food, as part of the Harvest Festival, traditional autumn soup simmered gently in the cauldron over the turf fire, baskets were brim-full of foraged nuts and berries, waiting to be prepared and poultry, fresh from the hunt, hung ready to be plucked and cooked for the evening feast. Craft workers demonstrated the art of basket-making, tablet-weaving, drop-spindling and wood-turning. This was Viking life at its busiest. A spokesperson for Fadó said “We are thrilled with the level of interest and enthusiasm from the general public. We take it as an endorsement of our belief that living history portrayed in a fun and interactive manner has a role to play in helping to make Waterford a thriving tourist destination”.

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