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Spanish Civil War, National Heritage Week 2010

Wednesday, 18th August 2010

In July 1936 a military rising was launched in Spain by General Francisco Franco. His aim was to overthrow the Republican government.   The people of Spain opposed the rising and took to the streets to confront Franco’s Rebels. Between 1936 and 1939 over 45,000 men and women from fifty-four countries arrived in Spain to volunteer for the Republican Forces. They formed La Quince Brigada – the Fifteenth International Brigade. Almost two hundred of those volunteers came from Ireland. Eleven of those came from Waterford. To celebrate National Heritage Week Waterford Heritage and Arts Group proudly presented a re-enactment based on the diaries of Peter O’Connor, one of the Waterford volunteers.

80 volunteers from Ireland formed the Connolly Column, which was immortalized by Irish folk singer Christy Moore in the song “Viva La Quince Brigada”

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