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Sallypark Memoirs

“A residential suburb situated on the Newrath Road between the west end of Terminus Street Bridge and the country borough boundary. In the earlier times it was part of the landed property of the Augustinian nunnery of Kilculliheen, founded in 1511, by Dermot McMurrough, King of Leinster.

Sallypark as a residential area dates from the second half of the nineteenth century and its development in that period was entirely due to the employment created by the introduction of the railway and the building of the terminus. In April 1886 George Nolan, Building contractor, commenced the erection of a range of houses here for the Waterford and Limerick railway. Part of the ground upon which the area is laid out was formerly used for the cultivation of osiers, from which the name Sallypark is derived. In 1901 there were 64 houses situated in this area, the official name of which was Newrath Road.”

from “Waterford Streets Past & Present”, Institute of Public Administarotion (1998), by Daniel Dowling

waterford-sallypark, © facebook.com/snapshotsofthepast licenced from Flickr.com under Creative CommonsThere were always some houses in Sallypark. Before 1854 only 11 houses were listed in Sallypark. According to the Waterford Directory of 1877 it had transformed that no less than 34 premises were listed including 10 private dwellings, 9 public houses, a railway, a hotel, and a bakery and also held the office of the Waterford Kilkenny and central railway, lodging and eating house and a barracks for the R.I.C. The census of 1911 shows Sallypark were under the jurisdiction of Waterford Corporation for normal purpose but it belonged to the Diocese of Ossory.

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