Apartment 1,
19 Lombard Street,
Phone: + (86) 2600 712
Email: info@fadowaterford.ie

Contact during hours 9.00-13.30 Mon-Fri.

School Walking Tours

We offer a School Walking Tours Programme catering for school children aged 9-12 years. Our tours have been developed to link with SESEprogramme. Each tour is fully participative in keeping with our mission to encourage 100% learning through seeing, hearing and doing.

We have 3 walking tours in offer:

Fair Day on Ballybricken      for 3rd & 4th classes

Verdrafjordr’s Vile Villains      for 5th & 6th classes

Tribes Walking Tour      for 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th classes

Our walking tours and workshops are:

  • free for teachers
  • incorporate all learning styles
  • integrated into school curriculum/coursework
  • cover 1000 years history
  • enjoyable
  • informative & fun





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