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Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia, St. Patrick’s Day 2012

The last thousand years has seen Waterford shaped by many historic events. Today Fadó – The Story of Waterford – presents four scenes representing one of the most celebrated events in Waterford’s history.

In 1492 Perkin Warbeck arrived in Ireland. He claimed to be the true king of England and he attempted to overthrow Henry VII. While much of Ireland flocked to his side Waterford stayed loyal to King Henry. In 1495 Warbeck’s men besieged Waterford for 12 days but failed to take it. Those that were captured were brought to the centre of Waterford, known as the Market Cross where their heads were cut off and placed on spikes. Afterwards Waterford was given the motto Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia by the King which means the city of Waterford remains untaken.

Scene 1 Welcome to Waterford in the late 15th century

Scene 2 Welcome to The Market Cross

Scene 3 Perkin Warbeck fails to take the city

Scene 4 King Henry VII presents the  city motto

Photographs by kind permission of Paddy Dwan

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