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Spanish Civil War, Tall Ships 2011

July 2011

To celebrate an Irish input into Spanish Civil War once again Fadó presented a historical on-street production to recall all of these young men who were born and raised in working class Waterford. They were not willing to simply talk about freedom, they were willing to defend it. The Spanish Civil War was fought between the Republicans, who were loyal to the established Spanish republic, and the Nationalists, a rebel group led by General Francisco Franco. The Nationalists prevailed and Franco would rule Spain for the next 36 years.

The celebrated Republican orator, La Pasionaria, told the International Brigaders: “You are history. You are legend”

“Between 1936 and 1939 over 45000 men and women from fifty four coutries arrived in Spain to volunteer for the Republican forces. They formed La Quince Brigada – The Fifteenth International Brigade. Almost two hundred of those volunteers came from Ireland. Eleven of those came from Waterford. They were:

Frank Edwards – Barrack Street

Jackie Hunt – New Street

Johnny Kelly – Barrack Street

Harry Kennedy – Cooke Lane

Jackie Lemon – Olaf Street

Peter O’Connor – Poleberry and Parnell Street

John O’Shea – Kilmeaden

Johnny Power – Newtown

Paddy Power – Newtown

Willie Power – Newtown

Mossie Quinlan – South Parade”

Soldiers of the International Brigade

Soldiers of the International Brigade

[left to right, standing] Peter O’Connor (Waterford), P. McEvoy (Dublin), Johnnie Power (Waterford), [seated] W. Garland (USA), John Hunt (Waterford), 2 February 1937, four days before the Nationalist offensive at Jarama.


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