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Verdrafjordr’s Vile Villains

On this tour 5th & 6th class children will encounter some of the vilest villains in Waterford’s thousand year history. Children will be given the opportunity to participate as we weave our way through the old Viking city and beyond the Anglo-Norman walls. Deadly deeds, crimes and punishments will be recounted and explored. Each villain is associated with a historic landmark and there are eight stops along the route.

Vile Villains

Vile Villains

Children can hear about:  Reginald the Viking, Dermot MacMurrough, Alice of Abergavenny, the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife, King Henry II,  King Henry VIII and his six wives, William Crotty, Perkin Warbeck, Oliver Cromwell and the plague.

The tour begins at Waterford Crystal and finishes at the Bull Post on Ballybricken. Stops covered include: The Undercroft, Blackfriars, The Fountain Clock, The Market Cross, The Beach Tower and The Stony Steps.

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